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Commercial Break  
By Dick Summer, Communications Director  



Everything we do at Binder and Binder® focuses on you. And we learn a lot about you from our Advertising Survey. For example, according to the latest Advertising Survey, here are your top ten favorite TV networks: 1- Fox, 2- CBS, 3- History, 4- USA, 5- ABC, 6- TNT, 7- NBC, 8- Discovery, 9- Fox News, 10- CNN.

That’s pretty much the way the Neilson people see it too…with one glaring exception. In the Neilson Ratings, Fox News has almost three times as large an audience as CNN.


But your Advertising Survey responses has them just about neck and neck for the #9 spot. That’s why when it’s time to buy commercials, we treat them about evenly…because we really do listen to you.

“We listen to you and we get results,” is one of our favorite advertising statements. It’s a simple idea, but it works. Who could possibly know as much about your disability problems as you do ? That’s why our people are trained to listen carefully to what you say, and even how you say it. Sometimes just the sound of your voice on the phone says as much, or more than your actual words. And obviously the more we know about your case, the better job we can do of representing you, and therefore the better chance we have of winning your case. And most of the time, we do win.

There’s a section of the Advertising Survey that just asks for your comments. Many of you give our Information and Intake staffs high marks for their courtesy and encouragement. There are exceptions of course…nobody is perfect. But we honestly try to do things, “Better and nicer,” and by and large, you seem very pleased with the way you are treated on the phone.

So I’d like to take a moment to congratulate our phone folks on a hard job well done. It’s not easy finding the exactly right answers for some of your difficult questions. And our people are well aware that you really need the exactly right answers, because life gets rough when you’re disabled. It’s not unusual for some of our phone folks to take some very deep breaths between calls… and I have seen more than an occasional tear as they’re listening carefully to some of your problems. Our people are professionals. They get paid to pay close attention to what you say, and how you say it. It’s their job to help you, and encourage you as much as they can. But they’re also human beings who can’t help but share some of your hurt, when they listen to how difficult life can be for you. And when you win, there are lots of quiet smiles, and an occasional “hi five.” Because they really do care.

They’re good people, doing a good job of really listening to you. And their work plays a huge part in our success at getting the results that make such a difference in your life. We are very proud of all our phone folks. They really care about you.



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